(Singapore, July 9, 2020) As Singapore’s community COVID-19 cases continue to rise,  the Government is urging people who can work from home to continue to do so and for employers to allow this “to further reduce transmission”.

Speaking at a multi-ministry task force press conference on Tuesday, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said: “Anecdotally, I hear some people saying that their bosses are now asking them to go back to work. Well, that should not be the case.”

He added that not going into the workplace unless necessary is a precaution all employers should take because if there is an infection in one person at the workplace, it will cause a large cluster.

“Should a cluster form in the workplace, we may very well have to ask the employer to shut down their business operations temporarily; and then require every employee to be tested. This will impact the business,” he said.

Since Singapore reopened parts of its economy from June 19 when it entered phase two, workplace Covid-19 infections have risen.

The percentage of the Republic’s total coronavirus cases from the workplace has risen from 22% before phase two to today’s 36%.