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Users directly or through various means (such as off site API references, etc.) indirect use of fortunetimes.sg network services and data will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted all the contents of this statement; If the user of any statement in this statement Objection, please stop using fortunetimes.sg network all the services provided.

The first one

Users may not utilize fortunetimes in any way during any use of xx web services and data (including but not limited to posting, promotion, reprinting, browsing, and posting on fortunetimes.sg web or fortunetimes.sg web users). sg net directly or indirectly in breach of Singapore law and social ethics, and users should abide by the following commitments:

1. Content posted, reproduced or provided in accordance with Singapore law and social morality;
2. Do not disturb, damage and encroach upon the various legal rights and interests of fortunetimes.sg.com;
3. Comply with fortunetimes.sg network and related network services agreement, guidelines, management rules, etc .;
fortunetimes.sg has the right to delete any content that violates the above promise.

Article two

1. The content published by users at fortunetimes.sg (including but not limited to fortunetimes.sg’s content in each product’s current functions) only indicates their own positions and opinions and does not represent the views or positions of fortunetimes.sg.com. Among them, fortunetimes.sg subscription service is only for users to provide information dissemination and sharing of platform services. As the content of the publisher, responsible for their own content published by the published content of all disputes caused by the content of the publishers assume all legal and joint and several liability. fortunetimes.sg network does not assume any legal and joint responsibility.

2. Users posted on fortunetimes.sg network infringe upon the intellectual property or other legal rights of the content, fortunetimes.sg network has the right to be deleted, and retain the right to transfer to the judiciary.

3. If an individual or entity believes that fortunetimes.sg has any content infringing upon his or her legitimate rights and interests online, he / she should prepare a legal supporting document and contact the fortunetimes.sg website promptly to process the fortunetimes.sg website promptly.