Singapore, 13 March 2018 – Caregiver Asia Pte Ltd, an online aggregator of trusted on-demand health and caregiving services, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Avvanz, a technology-based employee lifecycle management company, to conduct global backgrounds checks on freelance Caregivers listed on CaregiverAsia’s platform, The Avvanz system has been fully integrated with CaregiverAsia’s platform to make it seamless for freelance Caregivers to purchase the background checks service. 

The background checks monitor individuals for Criminal (or Criminality) related offences, Terrorism and Corruption (including drug trafficking), Financial Compliance and Healthcare Sanctions. The coverage is across the global covering more than 249 countries and territories. The data is refreshed and updated every 24 hours.

Backgrounds checks are an increasingly integral element to freelance marketplaces such as the one CaregiverAsia operates. Caregivers on the CaregiverAsia platform who successfully clear their background checks are identified by a badge on their service profiles. This is part of an expanding suite of support services provided by CaregiverAsia to help freelance Caregivers on their platform to practice their trades with a peace of mind.

Ms Yeo Wan Ling, CEO of CaregiverAsia said, “I am pleased to have signed the agreement with Avvanz.  As our main business focuses on our online marketplaces, we will continue to develop supporting services to ensure that our marketplace continues to be a trusted place for the booking of care. In addition to our own internal screening, the backgrounds checks will provide more assurance that the freelance Caregivers hired can be trusted.  This will also provide our Caregivers the additional boost to getting hired.”

Managing Director of Avvanz, Kannan Chettiar, remarked, “We are extremely excited to partner CaregiverAsia through our award-winning Avvanz ScreenGlobal platform. What Caregivers need is a thorough background checking service at affordable rates and an extremely fast turnaround time. Our strengths in these aspects have made this synergy with CaregiverAsia possible. Avvanz looks forward to scale with CaregiverAsia and reach out to the growing healthcare needs in the region.”