Organizers of the 12th China Original Ecology International Photography Exhibition are inviting international photographers to a photography competition by submitting their works that reflect the Guizhou Province’s nature, ethnic culture, and social development.

Guizhou Province

The competition, under the theme “Guizhou Joy”, is co-hosted by the Guizhou Province’s CPC Publicity Department and China News Services. This is also a part of the activities to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic China.

From now on till September 5, photographers from all over the world can submit their works to the organizer. Winners of the competition will receive a cash reward of up to 120,000 yuan (S$24,000). Besides, their works will be exhibited in various China-organized international photography exhibitions.

The participants shall compress and send the works as attachments to or The host of the Exhibition will reply within 2 workdays to confirm if the submission is successful.

If further queries, please try the following means of contacts:

Telephone: 86-0851-85555629 (Wu Dandan:  86-17785813604; Xie Sicheng: 86-18885401919; Chen Yunyi: 86-13123611866)

Address: Room 1504, Kempinski Building, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China

Below are the detailed requirements by the organizer:

i. Chinese and foreign photographers, both professional and amateurs, can submit their works to participate in the exhibition. The works with subjects of Guizhou are welcome. Those that have won awards in the same previous exhibitions are not allowed.

ii. Digital photographic works, black and white or color, are all eligible. Subjects of the works shall comply with the orientation and requirements of the exhibition. The works shall be authentic, and have clear subject matter, correct orientation, healthy content, unique perspective, original conception, with positive energy to the society and without any dispute over copyright. There’s no limitation on the shooting area (Guizhou subjects are encouraged), or the quantity of submitted works.

iii. Submitted works shall indicate the time and place of shooting, as well as their corresponding series and categories, so that the organizing committee can classify and them for review. If the work is not categorized, the organizing committee can assign a category for it. Please note that the same work cannot be submitted to different categories.

iv. Contributed works can be cut, and appropriately adjusted on their brightness and contrast. However, synthesis, adding, significant color change and other processing that change the basic look of the image are not allowed. Please contribute the work in JPEG format with the length of the long side no less than 3,000 pixels, and file size no less than 5MB. For short videos: the work shall be longer than 180 seconds. Digital videos shall be H. 264 coded, in MP4 or mov format, with resolution of 1920*1080, and there’s no limit on the audio coding and sound track. Film or tape video needs to be converted into digital MP4 or mov format, and recorded into CD or USB for submission. Electronic documents are submitted via email; works are not returned after submission.

v. Please contribute the work in electronic files. The author’s name, address, tile of the work, work number, caption and other information shall be accurately stated in the Contribution Registration Form (See the attachment), which shall be submitted together with the work through email or instant messaging system, or delivered directly via removable hard disk or CD-ROM.