First Embassy in Singapore to use an electric vehicle for official use.

Singapore. Paul de Courtois, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia officially handed over the keys of a new BMW i3 to Dr. Ulrich A. Sante, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Singapore making the German Embassy the first diplomatic mission in Singapore to use an electric vehicle for official use.

“Global warming is a serious issue that is impacting our lives today and will continue to for years to come. Everyone can do their part to reduce the effects of this situation, and today I am proud to say the Germany Embassy in Singapore is doing its part by purchasing a BMW i3 electric car,” said Dr. Sante, “By taking this step, we are significantly reducing our daily carbon dioxide emissions and thereby contributing to the ambitious objective of the Paris Agreement to keep the global temperature rise in this century well below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Although electric cars still make up only a small percentage of cars on the roads in Singapore, we hope Singaporeans will follow our lead and make the choice to switch soon. The time to act is now!”

“BMW Asia believes electro-mobility is the future for Singapore. It is our extreme pleasure to deliver the new BMW i3 to the Germany Embassy in Singapore, helping support the Embassy’s initiative to make mobility sustainable in the Lion City,” said Mr. de Courtois. “Singapore is the perfect market for electric vehicles and we are committed to working with private and government organizations to drive adoption of EVs and improve the environment.

As once said by Harald Krueger, Chief Executive Officer at BMW AG, the electric-car race is a marathon, not a sprint.”

In efforts to support the Germany Embassy and also encourage adoption of electric vehicles in Singapore, the Singapore Land Tower is doing its part by investing in the installation of charging stations in the building in the coming months.

“We must run together as a community to win this marathon and we are excited the Singapore Land Tower has chosen to run by our side. We hope more will join us in the future,” said Mr. de Courtois.