(October 1, 2021, Singapore) The Judging Panel of Fortune Times Awards 2021 held its first meeting. Nine judges from the fields of investment, scientific research and business attended the virtual meeting. They are including (without particular order)

  • Jim Rogers, International Investor
  • Prof. Antonio Castro Neto, Director, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NUS, Singapore
  • Prof CUI Yi, Director, Precourt Institute for Energy, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Photon Science, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
  • Dr. Michael Goutama, Chairman, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Committee (KADIN Indonesia)
  • Daniel TEO, Chairman, Hong How Group
  • Dr Ernest Kan, Exco Member, LKY School of Public Policy, Former Deputy Managing Partner, Deloitte Singapore
  • Dr Keizo Yamanaka, Principal Scientist, 3M Singapore
  • Dr. ZHANG Jun, Editor, Smart Times; President, Lanzhou University Alumni Association Singapore
  • Ms. Annie SONG, Editor-in-Chief, Fortune Times, Singapore

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, mankind has begun to reflect on its relationship with the environment, discovery, and the significance of social progress. Dr. Zhang Jun, editor of Smart Times, insist that Fortune Times Awards (FTA) should focus on fields that are of value to human society, such as biomedicine, innovative technology, etc., and launch the “Asia’s Most Influential Scientist Award” highlighting Fortune Times’ avocations on exploring science and innovation.

Last year, the inaugural “Smart Times Awards” commend companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to society through technology advancement. This year, the organizer established “star” class judging panel, three heavy weighted scientists have been invited to join the panel for the first time, including Professor Cui Yi, a photonic science expert at Stanford University, Professor Antonio Castro Neto, who is known as the “Godfather of Graphene”, and Dr. Keizo Yamanaka, the chief scientist of 3M Singapore.

Secondly, this year’s FTA is continuing to promote the Women Empowerment. Her Times Women Empowerment Awards, a sub-award under FTA family started in 2017. With the support of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, it has become the most reputable annual women’s award in Singapore and Indonesia, and produce the exchange platform in education, biotechnology and entrepreneurship between Singapore and Indonesia.

Renowned investment guru Jim Rogers said at the conference: “It’s an honour to be invited as the judge of FTA. I like discovering new things. I am happy to see the awards increased the weights in science and technology.”

Located in Stanford University, USA, Professor Cui Yi suggested THAT Fortune Times should strengthen cooperation with scientific media. The criterial of scientist award should limit the impact on Singapore and Asia, because science knows no borders. As long as the scientific research and result can promote social progress, it can be considered.

The participating judges discussed actively and contributed constructive suggestions. On behalf of the organizer, Ms. Annie Song, the editor-in-chief of Fortune Times, updated the award preparations and the progress of nomination. In order to make the FTA more independent, credible, and influential, Annie Song proposed to establish the “Fortune Times Foundation”. This proposal has gained a positive response from the judges.

Fortune Times Awards is established in 2015, and it enters its 7th year. In the past few years, Time Caizhi has been upholding the spirit of exploration, constantly exploring the figures who influence and shape the industry of the future. As of 2020, nearly 120 award recipients in terms of individuals and companies have accepted the Fortune Times Awards. Their net worth and market cap exceeded 40 billion U.S. dollars.

The significant awards of the Fortune Times Awards include Asia’s Most Influential Cover Personality Awards, Fortune Times REITs Pinnacle Awards, Her Times Women Empowerment Awards and Smart Times Awards, etc.

Through 17 years of journey, Fortune Times has become an all-media group including print magazines, e-magazines, news websites, social media platforms, video programs, industry exhibitions and publishing. Through 17 years’ journey, Fortune Times has developed to become a leading Chinese business media in Southeast Asia and transformed itself from the traditional media in the new media age through the integrated multimedia platforms which are dedicated to providing business news and content through magazine, online content, social media, conferences, publications and video programs. The Fortune Times Awards has become the most recognized and influential business award by Asian Chinese media at a large.