(Singapore, 22 Nov 2023)In a significant move towards cultivating sustainable growth in the digital commerce landscape, Lazada Group announced the inauguration of the Lazada Sustainability Academy (LSA) yesterday. This groundbreaking program is tailored to empower small and medium-sized businesses across Southeast Asia with the necessary mindset and knowledge to transform sustainably.

At the heart of this initiative lies a key component: Bite-Sized Learnings. Developed in collaboration with the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), this innovative curriculum provides sellers with quick and easy-to-understand insights into fundamental sustainability concepts and the benefits of transforming their businesses sustainably.

Tailored for sellers who are new to sustainability, Lazada’s Bite-Sized Learnings takes the form of fortnightly e-learning content hosted on the Lazada University learning platform. This content, consisting of blog articles, visual images, and videos, serves as a foundational introduction to sustainable business practices. The joint effort with SEC ensures that the material aligns with the wider business environment, making it suitable for sellers who require varying levels of support in their sustainability journey.

Arif Mujafar, owner of Clothing shop Bali Swalayan on Lazada Indonesia, and a participant at Lazada Indonesia’s Seller Acceleration Camp, shared his insights: “This two-day bootcamp has been an eye-opening experience for me, as the program provides in-depth and valuable insights into sustainable practices. The topic of environmentally-friendly packaging resonated with me particularly as I can see its direct impact on the environment.”

From elucidating the basics of sustainable commerce to illustrating the tangible benefits of adopting eco-friendly practices, Bite-Sized Learnings acts as a gateway for businesses looking to embrace a more sustainable future. The concise nature of the content ensures that sellers, regardless of their familiarity with sustainability, can easily absorb and implement these practices into their operations.

As the first e-commerce platform to offer dedicated sustainability education within the digital commerce ecosystem, Lazada’s commitment to this cause is evident. Gladys Chun, General Counsel at Lazada Group, emphasizes that the Bite-Sized Learnings component is a crucial step towards enriching the lives of participants in the digital economy while building a resilient and sustainable future.