(Singapore, 14/09/2022) How to expedite a green-oriented transition of energy and advance sustainable development in the face of the increasingly salient global climate change? How to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor while giving due consideration to efficiency and equity so that common prosperity will be soon at reach in the context of high Gini coefficient worldwide? In addressing these problems, electric power plays an extremely significant role.

The sun is blazing, and the water bamboos in the fields are grilled and browned. With the buzzing of the water pump, a fresh spring pumped out from the ground flows into the 400 mu bamboo field. “Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot! If there is no electricity to pump water, this piece of water bamboo will die of thirsty.” Zhang Yuefeng, a villager of Yangtiankeng village, shook the hands of the employees of the power supply company and said excitedly on September 1st.

He continued, “The water bamboo’s growing directly affects 80% of the income of farmers in the village this year.” Pan’an is home to alpine water bamboo in China, with a planting area of 20,000 mu. Benefit from the cold water irrigation in the mountains, “Meiren Water Bamboo” is deeply loved by consumers with the qualities of fresh, white, thick, and even eatable in raw.

Recently, water bamboos are in the high-yield period. However, Due to the continuous drought and lack of rainfall, the capacity of the reservoir has been sharply reduced, and can no longer meet the irrigation needs. The State Grid Pan’an County Power Supply Company thought what farmers thought and worried about what farmers worried. Employees of the company go to the fields to investigate, determine the power consumption scheme for pumping irrigation, and send “timely electricity” for irrigating “fields for collective prosperity” and securing “water bamboo green.”

While realizing the equalization of basic public services between urban and rural areas, electricity is also promoting clean alternative and efficient utilization of energy. Since 2021, Pan’an has completed the replacement of 10.1376 million kWh of electric energy and have created 105 all electric agritainments. The clean, convenient and perfect experience of all electric facilities makes Pan’an’s green economy sustainable. “Thanks to the all-electric transformation of Huaxi scenic area, the night light show project alone has increased the ticket income of the scenic area by more than 1.18 million yuan since this summer.” Lin Chun, the person in charge of Huaxi scenic area, said proudly.

On June 29 of this year, Yiwu and Pan’an power supply companies facilitated Pan’an Longyuan Power Generation and Yiwu Taida textile to reach one million kilowatt hour green power transaction, which was the first cross county green power transaction in Jinhua. This not only helps Pan’an turn new energy resources into real money, but also helps Yiwu enterprises to increase the proportion of clean energy applications and enhance product competitiveness. This green power transaction alone saved about 282 tons of standard coal and reduced emission about 750 tons of carbon dioxide.

How to transfer Pan’an’s green energy to Yiwu City? While serving and supporting the industrial transformation, electric power has further helped to narrow the regional gap as

well as the gap between urban and rural areas, and promote the coordinated development of counties. In Suxi Town, a 220 kV substation invested by the State Grid Jinhua Power Supply Company is under construction in full swing. After completion, it will increase 384000 kW of power supply capacity to the local power grid.

In 2021, the total industrial output value of Suxi town in Yiwu was 44.6 billion yuan, and the per capita regional GDP exceeded 200000 yuan, ranking among the top 100 towns with comprehensive strength in 2021. The power supply supporting its industrial transformation and high-speed development increased by 117% year-on-year!

“It took us only three or four years to transform from a traditional clothing manufacturing industry to a photovoltaic industry cluster. These photovoltaic enterprises are all big consumers of electricity. While ensuring the supply of our annually doubled electricity demand, the power company also formulates scientific power consumption plans for enterprises, which not only saves energy and reduce carbon, but also cost saving, so that we can move forward with confidence.” Pointing to the substation under construction, Jia rongwen, the person in charge of Suxi Town, is planning the next development blueprint.

Unlike Pan’an and Yiwu, which realize regional mutual aid in green power by creating “one power grid and common prosperity of Yiwu and Pan’an”, Wuyi County Power Supply Company of State Grid realizes complementarity within the county by “sending electricity from the south to the north and achieving common prosperity of county and region”.

Due to the geographical shape of Wuyi County’s mountainous area, the southern mountainous area is dominated by agriculture, and the northern plain is dominated by industry. The development is extremely unbalanced. And “photovoltaic + mushroom” helps Wuyi to explore the “optimal solution” to break through restrictions and enrich the people and strengthen the county. At present, the bacteria light complementary project with a power generation capacity of 5100 kW in the southern mountainous area of Wuyi provides 5 million kWh of green power for the northern industry every year through the power grid.

“Shiitake mushroom planting requires high temperature and should not be exposed to the sunshine and frozen. Installing solar panels on the top of the shiitake mushroom greenhouse can not only shield the wind and rain, but also supply power to the air conditioning equipment, and avoid the problem of large land occupation for photovoltaic power generation.” Li Haijun, a village cadre of shangduantou Village in Wuyi County, said with a happy smile, “now the average annual household income of the whole village has increased by more than 100000 yuan, the wallet is bulging, the life is stable and guaranteed, and we have embarked on the road of common prosperity together!”

Correspondent: Lin Feng