(Singapore, t February 2020) Syfe, a digital wealth manager, announced that it has launched a first-of-its-kind initiative that allows anyone in Singapore to start risk-managed investing in Singapore real estate with no minimum investment.

Unlike buying a property or REITs as a private investor, Syfe says the new scheme, called REIT+ portfolio, is offering an easy, risk-managed and low-cost way for investors to access Singapore’s thriving REIT market with a fee as low as 0.4% per annum of your invested capital.

Dhruv Arora, Founder and CEO of Syfe said: “The launch of the REIT+ offering represents another strong step forward in our journey to making quality investment solutions accessible to all. In addition to our flagship Automated Risk-Managed Investing (ARI) global portfolio, we now offer investors an easy way to enter Singapore’s exciting and rewarding REIT landscape.”

The REIT+ portfolio consists of 15 high-quality SGX-listed REITs (S-REITs) that span retail, industrial, office, and hospitality amongst other sectors. To protect the portfolios, Syfe says its ARI will manage risk by balancing portfolios of S-REITs with Singapore government bonds.

Through backtesting, a process that tests algorithms by running them through historical data, the portfolio on average has yielded a return of 9% over the last five years.

The portfolio also pays a dividend, which was 4.6% last year, and can be automatically reinvested or paid-out at regular intervals offering investors a great source of passive income.

In recent years, REITs have proven to be a great investment option because it allows Singaporeans an easy way to become real estate owners, without dealing with the day-to-day worries of being a landlord.

By investing in a REIT, investors are investing in properties managed by that REIT and are eligible to earn dividends on the rental income earned by those properties.

“At Syfe, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of financial innovation, and we’ll continue to do so to meet the investment needs of investors in Singapore,” added Dhruv Arora.

Before REIT+, Syfe has launched a Financial Advisor team, which allows customers to secure consultation sessions with wealth management specialists, providing high-quality financial advice.