(Singapore, Jan 16, 2020)  RealVantage, hailed as Singapore’s first online real estate co-investment platform that manages offshore real estate portfolios, was launched today.

RealVantage’s platform brings accredited investors offshore investment opportunities across various real estate classes and investment strategies. These opportunities were previously limited to larger, institutional investors.

By launching this co-investment platform, both accredited investors and high net worth individuals (HNWIs) will gain access to a wide range of real estate opportunities in different countries, sectors, and investment spectrums. Investors will be able to select amongst multiple options, such as a stable income producing office in the UK, a townhouse development project in Australia, or a multifamily asset re-positioning project in the US.

Keith Ong, CEO and Co-Founder of RealVantage, said, “We’ve always felt there was a gap in offshore real estate investment opportunities for individual investors; most investors will just buy residential units when they venture overseas.”

He said there is actually a myriad of investment opportunities that provide good risk adjusted returns in different property sectors and investment modes.

“Our goal is to ultimately unlock a world of institutional real estate investing for individual investors,” he added.


Last year, RealVantage closed a funding round with angel investors. The company also has a presence in Indonesia, with 30% of their total number of investors coming from the country, with the other 70% of investors concentrated in Singapore.

This year, RealVantage plans to widen its investor base in Singapore and Indonesia as well as its investment opportunities beyond the UK and Australia markets.