(Singapore, June 29, 2020) The Shangri-La Group has announced to introduce enhanced hygiene protocols for all properties worldwide, including increased frequency of cleaning high-touch areas and air conditioner systems.

Much due to the strict protocols, called “Shangri-La Cares,” Shangri-La Hotel Singapore has become the island country’s first recipient of SafeGuard Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label by the Paris-based Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in providing testing, inspection, and certification services. 

Bureau Veritas SafeGuard Label at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore Source: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

“We remain humble and true to our founding ethos with this commitment that will ensure we do our best to take care of people,” said Lim Beng Chee, Chief Executive Officer of Shangri-La Group. 

“We would like to convey our heartfelt care by creating a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable and trusts in our ability to ensure their safety and health – so that they can focus on moments that truly matter,” he added. 

Shangri-La says it has followed recommendations laid out by the World Health Organization or more stringent local directives to ensure its operational protocols are comprehensive. Concrete measures have been adopted at all hotels and resorts to combat the risk of COVID-19 so that guests can feel safe when staying at or visiting their properties.

Source: Shangri-La Group
Source: Shangri-La Group

Among the “Shangri-La Cares” measures: increased frequency and full attention to the deep cleaning of all high-touch surfaces and areas used by guests throughout the hotels; use of medical-grade sanitizers and disinfectants which are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency; increased cleaning frequency of air filters and air-conditioner systems to ensure optimal air quality.

To reinforce health and safety, the Group has enhanced training, learning, and development resources for colleagues on essential preparatory and prevention measures. This includes direction on cleaning and sanitization frequency, ultimately enabling them to serve guests better and safeguard their well-being. 

This training is certified by long-term partner and global hygiene solutions provider, Diversey, a global hygiene and cleaning company which specializes in developing cleaning and hygiene technologies across industry sectors, such as health care, hospitality, retail, and food services.

The Shangri-La colleagues will also be equipped with personal protective equipment where necessary.

Officials say as the situation continues to evolve, the Group has been reviewing and elevating its standards and practices to prepare for a “new normal,” which includes enhanced operational guidance, safety, and sanitation protocols on infection prevention and outbreak readiness programs.

It says the Group has rigorous processes to verify the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection protocols and will monitor compliance with regular inspections and reporting tools. These measures will be updated based on the local requirements to ensure they meet evolving customer needs and expectations.

Mr. Vincent Bourdil, Vice President of Bureau Veritas South-East Asia, said: “We are very pleased to work with Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and later, to support its sister properties in Singapore and in the Southeast Asia & Australasia region.”

Designed to support the operational restart activities in the hospitality and restaurant industries globally, the BV’s SafeGuard Label is part of the “Restart Your Business with BV” program. 

The holistic program developed by Bureau Veritas’ Health, Safety and Hygiene experts has certified 132 businesses globally with close to 400 more businesses in progress to date. 

Source: Shangri-La Group