(Singapore, July 1, 2020) Singapore’s Elections Department has announced to provide venues at the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre and timeslots for live streaming of erallies before the July 10 General Election.

According to the Elections Department, which runs under the Prime Minister’s Office and oversees the procedure for elections in Singapore, the candidates can apply and use the venues for erallies at specific timeslots throughout the day during the campaign period as an alternative to physical rallies in view of the COVID-19 situation.

Beginning from 1 July 2020 to 8 July 2020, up to ten venues will be provided at the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre will be provided for live streaming i.e. erallies during 7.00 – 10.00 am, noon – 3.00 pm and 7.00 – 10.00 pm.

Suntec Singapore Convention Centre Source: TODAYonline

Candidates or their election agents can submit their applications via the www.eld.gov.sg from 8am to 1pm for timeslots on the following day.

In the event where the number of applications exceed the number of available timeslots, a ballot will be conducted to determine successful applications.

The venues will be available at a nominal rate of $107.

The erally venues will come equipped with Internet connectivity. Similar to physical rallies, beyond the basic technical setup furnished onsite at the recording venues, candidates are expected to make their own arrangements for filming and live streaming, to ensure the successful delivery of their own livestreams.

Candidates should ensure that the Internet platforms that the erallies are streamed on meet the relevant requirements, e.g. these platforms must have been declared to the Returning Officer, and that the content of their erallies complies with the Internet Code of Practice (ICOP) and other applicable laws.

Officials say the use of these venues by candidates is optional as online campaigning in the form of live streaming can be carried out without the use of these venues.

During yesterday’s Nomination Day, a total of 192 candidates have filed papers to all the 93 seats in 31 constituencies, meaning that it will be the second general election in a row with contests in all seats.