Spring Clean Business World!

Spring Clean Business World!


Ngian Siew Ling, 12 March 2018 – Business etiquette – this is business culture news. The economic crisis is since 2008. Scan the world of business, the most vital component in doing businesses is preparation. 

Roman philosopher, the Seneca said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” The question bounces back to, what is the discernment between real preparation compared to self-delusion? This is an important reality-check for the business world. Can a world afford a big group of people who enter into the business world just for the “sake of money” or “trends”; and create a groupthink etiquette and cause an disequilibrium to the business ecosystem?

The definition of fine business etiquette: A well-balanced ecology. Good leaders are the pillars to the business world, preparation as a business personnel is vital – nobody wants to wait on people who are not, saying “No” or accepting rejection, talk about money, never let people WAIT, integrity, promise only when you have the ability to realize, BASIC manners, don’t just talk about money, tricks are not appreciated, and whoever’s excuses those are – spring cleaning! 

The reality of the business world is that good business people want to work with good business people, and opportunities only favor the prepared. 

The world has many dreamers, many talkers, few doers and even fewer manifestors. So perhaps, the crisis of the economic is simply the corollary of our shortcomings.