Singapore, 12 Jan 2018 – According to data on the Meterological Service Singapore website, its stations in Admiralty and Ang Mo Kio recorded 21.9 deg C at around 10.30pm on Thursday evening (11 Jan).

Meteorologists had forecast that the temperature could fall to just below 22 deg C over the next few days.

The Meterological Service Singapore said on Thursday (Jan 11): “The monsoon surge that has been affecting Singapore since Jan 10 is expected to persist for another one or two days before gradually weakening over the weekend.

“For the next few days, the lowest temperature is expected to be 22 deg C to 23 deg C, but could dip to just below 22 deg C.”

On Wednesday, temperatures below 23 deg C were recorded at several locations from around 5pm. The lowest temperature recorded by the Met Service was 22.7 deg C at Newton at around 7.30pm.

On Thursday, a reading of 22 deg C was recorded in Admiralty just before 9pm, and in Ang Mo Kio just before 10pm, according to data on the Met Service’s website.

Intense rainfall on Monday morning saw flash floods in nine locations in eastern Singapore.

PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency said the wet weather conditions, due to the prevailing north-east monsoon, was aggravated by the development of a Sumatra squall over the Strait of Malacca which moved eastwards, affecting Singapore.

According to NEA’s website, the lowest temperature recorded in Singapore was 19.4 deg C on two days in 1934. Both days were in the month of January.