DUO, art with practicability, and a Jazz of financial wisdom

DUO, art with practicability, and a Jazz of financial wisdom


Ngian Siew Ling

Singapore, 6 Mar 2018 – Passion, social responsibility and practicability are the fundamentals of German Ole Scheeren’s architectural approach. 

Situated in Ophir-Rochor, DUO, a major property development of 1.73 million sq. ft.; was born out of political significance and positive urban limitations. Much credit is given to the mind behind the entire formulation of DUO’s design. 


The ingenuity of Mr. Scheeren, together with the vision of the Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore; DUO is first of its league in the infusion of a new work and residential demographic – the amalgamation of residential, business, retail, hotel and entertainment. 

DUO, according to Mr. Scheeren is socially friendly, as it promotes connectivity with the public domain.  To elaborate, the Bugis MRT is connected to the building, and a new center was created – eateries for the community. This is according to his architectural motto “Be part of the city, and not private land.” This is a peep into the mystery and wonderland of DUO’s fascinating building-block of counterparts, i.e. retails. 

DUO residences consist of 49 storeys, 660 premium residences and with effect of 1st July 2011, it holds 99 years leasehold tenture. It focused on delivering to the residents, a piece of mind, the clear viewing of empty spaces with no blockages or suffocation of another building. 

DUO Tower offers an estimates of 570,000 sq. ft net lettable area of prime grade-A office space across 20 storeys. Though honeycombed in shaped, the entire floor of office space when entered, brings you into a stage of a full-spectrum view of Singapore’s CBD district with lights mildly seeping through; both exhilarating and refreshing. Abbott Laboratories, Mastercard, Regus Serviced Offices etc. together with, global multinational companies in financial, biomedical, serviced office industries are among a few named tenants. 

DUO has it all – with the exciting chapters of residences and offices – it is an urban life that cannot do without enjoyment. Andaz, is a boutique-inspired hotel brand by Hyatt Hotels & Resort, occupies 25-39th floors with a rooftop infinity pool. While this is insufficient for enjoyment, DUO continues to integrate DUO Galleria, a concentrated retails of F&Bs to serve the community – residents, hotel guests, office tenants and visitors. 

Mr. Scheeren never forgets the green city, never forgetting his motto of blending into the green city as lush greenery can be found throughout the entire journey through DUO, including the roof garden that is opened to the public. DUO can be seen as perception at play when it is looked from the exterior net-like of hexagons sunshades. So by now, it should be all very fascinating to spin the listed ideas around in a property ground of crystallizing great ideas into reality. 

But the one thing that DUO must remind, is the identification between Malaysia and Singapore, the land swap deal. This is its ultimate celebration and especially when it goes out to  – the very focused and strategic essence of Singapore’s approach in life.