(Singapore, 26 Nov 2021)Through 3 months’ nomination and selection, Fortune Times, a Chinese business magazine in Singapore, held the hybrid award ceremony for the 7th Annual Fortune Times Awards on 25 November 2021 at Distrii Singapore. Tiger Brokers (Singapore) has been awarded the “ASIA’S MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY” at the 2021 Fortune Times Awards Ceremony.

Under the new normal of the post-covid-19 era, technological innovation has become the driving force for economic recovery and sustainable development. With its rapid growth and the use of digital marketing, Tiger Brokers (Singapore) was honored with “ASIA’S MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY” by the Fortune Times Award 2021.

From left to right: Guest of Honour Mr. Don Wee, Member of Parliament of Singapore; Mr Thiam Choon Eng; Ms. Annie Song, Editor-in-Chief of Fortune Times. Credit: Teo Tee Hua/ TH Associates Pte. Ltd.

Tiger Brokers (Singapore), a Singapore-based subsidiary of UP Fintech Holding Limited, is a leading online securities brokerage for global investors. In 2020, Tiger Brokers (Singapore) started its internationalization strategy in Singapore as its first stop. Under the leadership of Eng Thiam Choon, CEO of the company, Tiger Brokers (Singapore) has recorded three consecutive quarters of over 100% YoY customer growth by the end of 2020, the fastest growth rate of any brokerage in Singapore.

With a finely tuned local operation, the number of deposited clients in Singapore has now exceeded 200,000. In September this year, Tiger Brokers (Singapore) has received approvals from the Singapore Exchange Ltd (“SGX”) as a Clearing Member and Depository Agent of The Central Depository (Pte) Limited (“CDP”), and the Trading Member of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) and Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading Limited (“SGX-DT”).

With its rapid growth and the use of digital marketing, Tiger Brokers (Singapore) was honored with “ASIA’S MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY” by the Fortune Times Award 2021.

Thiam Choon Eng, CEO of Tiger Brokers (Singapore), said at the ceremony: “Tiger Brokers is a fintech company which came to Singapore from Beijing 2 years ago, has made Singapore the headquarters of Tiger Group in Asia. In the future, we hope we will continue to lead innovation, bring better services to local users and add value to the financial industry in Singapore.”

Thiam Choon Eng, CEO of Tiger Brokers (Singapore). 

Ms. Annie Song, the Editor-in-Chief of Fortune Times, said in her opening remarks: “Compared to previous years, the success formula this year not only reflects the winners’ characters including the innovation in solving market pain points, leadership in business development under the epidemic, and the capability to expand the marketing platforms, but also highlights the strategic geographical location of Singapore’s, expanding business opportunities to China, to the region, and even to the world.”

This year, five awards were presented on the Fortune Times Awards 2021, including the “ASIA’S MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY” award, which is given to an enterprise in the Asia region for their technological innovation and advanced management. Candidates must have at least 3 years of experience in local operations with sound management. Through technological innovation and advanced management, the company has improved its operations and achieved valuable returns and operating results. The company must have annual revenue of no less than $5 million and more than 30 full-time employees.