(Singapore, Feb 12, 2020) Most people in Wuhan have accepted the lock-down of the city to contain the virus spread because it does prevent people from travelling a lot, said Priscilla Dickey, a US citizen who has been evacuated with her daughter from Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus spread.

“The virus has affected so many people so that they need to do something to keep people safe and in their house, ” said Dickey, noting that people in Wuhan all understand the lock-down measures.

During an interview with a VOA journalist, she said the one thing that she would like to see in the future is more communication with the US embassy which has closed for the holiday, forcing them to email the US foreign affairs to seek help of being evacuated from the epidemic.

“You don’t know how long the way it is until you wait for an email.” she said.

Below is VOA’s interview with Prscilla Dickey and her daughter on Youtube.