(Singapore 16 March 2023) A batch of so-called “the world’s most precious diamonds” are being displayed in town for sale from this month on.

The showcase, which is being held by MUS Zenith Affair in the Raffles Hotel Singapore arcade, includes Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender, a collection of extremely rare natural-coloured diamonds.

“This is the creme de la creme with its red diamond being the most highly priced fancy coloured diamond. Each is a priceless piece of heritage to be treasured by generations to come,” said Esther Ho, Founder of MUS Zenith Affair, noting that it is also as good an investment as properties and stocks.

Natural Pink Diamonds has been loved by women all over the world. It has not been subjected to any artificial colour change, and is also known as “A Symbol of Destiny” because of its immense rarity. Even in the Argyle mine in Australia, which accounts for the highest production of Natural Pink Diamonds across the world, its mined volume has been decreasing over the years, which means an increase in scarcity.

Diamonds have also become a popular alternative investment option, with some investors buying and holding diamonds as a store of value. This has contributed to the growth of the diamond market and has led to increased demand for high-quality, rare diamonds.

The Asia-Pacific region is a growing market for diamonds, driven by rising disposable incomes and increasing consumer demand for luxury goods. The re-opening of China, the second largest diamond market, is expected to pave the way for a rapid rebound in economic activity, which bodes well for diamond prices in 2023.

According to the jewellery boutique, the pink gems were created more than 1.6 billion years ago and were mined from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia from 1983 to 2020.

The now-defunct mine’s final collection was presented in 2020 with a yield of 62 pieces of diamonds. Prior to this closure, the Argyle Mine only offers up to 60 pieces of their creme de la creme diamonds annually and these make up 90 per cent or more of the world’s total pink diamond production.

After its last yield, the mine was decommissioned to reshape and rehabilitate the land, preserve ecological and cultural heritage values, and support future land uses.

Experts say that by nature of their complex molecular structure, these pink diamonds take up to three or four times longer to polish than their white diamond equivalents and they are priced, on average, 20 times higher than their white diamond equivalents — the record auction price for a pink diamond is currently US$71.2 million (S$96 million).

Red diamonds are the rarest variety of coloured diamonds — only a few diamonds with a pure red hue are found in the world every year. They are made of pure carbon and are red due to a rare occurrence in its atomic structure. Their beautiful crimson hues emerge from the bending light that flows through the unusual structure of the diamond.