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(Singapore, 7 Aug)Located by the Yangtze River Delta region, Lanxi City is one of the most dynamic and highly urbanized regions in Zhejiang, China, and will host the Hangzhou Asian Games in Sep this year.

As early as the 1950s and 1960s, with the help of national ministries and provincial and municipal industrial projects, Lanxi vigorously developed state-owned enterprises and collective economy. By the 1980s, the city had numerous industrial industries with complete categories, including light textile, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, metallurgy, ceramics, building materials, and other industries. There were also a group of larger enterprises in the same industry in the province, achieving the historical glory of “being as a model of national industry”.

In 2002, when Xi Jinping was the secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, he gave Lanxi a “typical industrial city” orientation during his inspection in Jinhua. It can be said that industrial genes and entrepreneurial innovation and entrepreneurship are rooted in the bloodline of Lanxi. Mainly focusing on traditional industries such as textiles and cement, Lanxi has left the deepest impression on the outside world in the past. In fact, in recent years, Lanxi has built a number of high-energy platforms such as provincial-level economic development zones, functional new materials provincial-level high-tech industrial parks, as well as gloss-lamination towns, and has made great efforts to cultivate emerging industries such as new energy and new materials. At the same time, Lanxi adheres to chain investment promotion and rural talent investment promotion, launching 8 powerful measures for manufacturing industry investment promotion, and promoting the layout of 19 new energy-related enterprises with a total investment of nearly 40 billion yuan, led by the global consumer battery leading enterprise Xinwangda.

The metallurgical and mechanical industries are the leading industries in Lanxi and the main fields of magnesium material application. Lanxi currently has 102 metallurgical and mechanical enterprises, with a total output value of 26.5 billion yuan last year, and a growth rate of 27.4%. Due to its excellent industrial genes and deep industrial foundation, Lanxi’s development momentum is becoming increasingly better. Guided by the goal of building a “typical industrial city in the new era”, Lanxi has established a new track for high-quality development of magnesium materials based on its industrial characteristics and advantages.

Lanxi Power Supply tailor-made the energy saving solution.

The development of cities also requires the support of electricity. State Grid Lanxi Power Supply Company firmly adheres to the significant mandate of “electricity and other development”, actively cooperates with the promotion of the 500kV Lanjiang-Jiande and 500kV Jiande-Zhiyan double circuit transmission and transformation projects, and smoothly promotes the construction of tower lines in Lanxi. Coordinate and complete the relocation and renovation project of 500kV Shuanglan 5327 Line (Longlan 5428 Line) in advance. We have completed the construction of the 110 kV Shangdai substation, radiating the power supply area to the Economic Development Zone and four townships and streets of Lanjiang, Yongchang, Nubu, and Huangdian. We serve the energy needs of industrial development centers such as Yongchang Small and Micro Industrial Park, the manufacturing industry in the development zone, and gloss-lamination town, alleviating the problems of high power supply pressure and heavy line overload caused by the thin grid structure, and further improving the reliability and capacity of power supply. At the same time, we have completed the equipment quality improvement project for five 110 kV substations in Lanxi, accomplished the construction and renovation of 118 distribution network lines, promoted the treatment of 49 high fault and heavy load lines, ensured the safe and stable operation of the power grid, and promoted the transformation of Lanxi power grid from traditional to intelligent.

In order to actively integrate into the development strategy of Lanxi’s “Five Major Battles” and implement the eight measures of promoting economic stability and improving quality with electricity, State Grid Lanxi Power Supply Company has successfully completed key projects related to electricity, such as the relocation and renovation of 500kV railway, public water multimodal transportation. Assist in major new energy projects in the province, complete the operation and power transmission of the 35 kV Liwei dedicated line ahead, and achieve a “successful start” for the Xinwangda Zhejiang Liwei lithium-ion battery project, effectively adding new momentum to the transformation and upgrading of the Lanxi industry and the recruitment of large and strong enterprises. We will implement policies to assist in electricity bills and preferential policies for phased electricity prices, delaying approximately 4.58 million yuan in enterprise electricity bills, and reducing the penalty for breach of contract by 50000 yuan, ensuring that the dividends of enterprise policies are fully enjoyed. Promote “zero investment” for small and micro enterprises with a power output of 160 kilowatts and below across the entire region, resulting in a cumulative reduction of over 7 million yuan in investment in power generation. The government and enterprises jointly formulated the first county-level electricity access project cost sharing mechanism in Jinhua, which is expected to reduce the enterprise’s electricity access cost by 56 million yuan throughout the year. More than 200 visits and services have been provided to enterprises, aiming to accurately calculate the economic accounts of electricity bills and achieve scientific energy use, energy conservation, and cost reduction. Actively carry out the promotion work of “electricity-e-profit” (an “electricity fee appreciation + intelligent payment” services provided by State Grid Corporation and high-quality financial institutions), and assist enterprises in completing 6 loans of 3.91 million yuan in total. Successfully implemented the “electricity-e-ticket” (a “Bill financing + payment” electricity finance product provided by State Grid Corporation) business and assisted users in obtaining a credit limit of 400 million yuan.

In the recent New Era Magnesium Materials Industry-University-Research Cooperation Summit Forum, Lanxi Municipal Party Secretary Dai Chong stated that Lanxi will accelerate the construction of the “Research Institute + Industrial Park” ecosystem, inject “catalysts” into research results, pave a “fast lane” for enterprise development, and create a “new home” for talent gathering.

Correspodent: Lin Feng