(Singapore, 20 Sep 2023) BUZUD REimagined Healthcare, a Singapore-based medical device company aiming to provide innovative home healthcare equipment, is now available at Guardian Health and Beauty Stores in Singapore. The collaboration was announced at a grand launching event, 5 days ago.

BUZUD’s Home-use health monitoring equipment.

Given the common emphasis on health, wellness and consumer experience, this exclusive pharmacy chain store collaboration between Guardian Singapore and BUZUD is a natural fit. BUZUD self-test kits for female and male fertility, urinary tract infection, vaginal pH, Helicobacter pylori, fecal occult blood, etc. are available at numerous Guardian stores. BUZUD also provides health monitoring equipment for home use such as blood pressure, blood glucose, uric acid, electrocardiogram. They can help people address and manage their health problems such as diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, fertility issues and more. Additionally, BUZUD provides devices like oxygen concentrators, ventilators and hearing aids to improve people’s lives.

Aiming to promote the development of home healthcare and Healthier SG initiatives through better technology, products and services, Conrad Lai, Guardian Singapore Commercial Director and Frankie Fan, BUZUD Founder and CEO expressed their recognition and expectations for this collaboration.

The collaboration comes at a pivotal moment in the healthcare industry, where monitoring and accessibility is more critical than ever. With an aging population and increasingly complex healthcare challenges, the need for cutting-edge medical devices has never been more apparent. With the guardian platform, BUZUD can provide more help to groups in need in Singapore, using the most advanced technology, at the lowest price, and in the most convenient way. “Through ourpartnership with Guardian, we can enhance our outreach to the people in Singapore, providing them with assistance through the utilization of cutting-edge technology, offering the most affordable prices, ensuring the utmost convenience and best services.” Frankie said.

(From left to right)Dr Ng Chin Siau, Q&M DENTAL GROUP founder and CEO; Frankie Fan, BUZUD founder and CEO; Conrad Lai, Guardian Singapore Commercial Director

In a gesture of giving back to society, BUZUD will donate 2% of its sales made through Guardian to Q & M Free Dental Clinic until the end of 2024. Q & M Free Dental Clinic is a charity recognized by the Commission of Charities, aims to provide necessary dental care to the impoverished and communities in need. This aligns closely with BUZUD REimagined Healthcare’s mission. Q & M DENTAL GROUP’s founder and CEO Dr Ng Chin Siau also participated in the launch event and expressed his gratitude and congratulations.