FM89.3, Singapore’s very first financial radio

FM89.3, Singapore’s very first financial radio


Singapore, 22 Jan 2018 – Singapore Press Holdings will launch Money FM 89.3 on Jan 29 which also means that we will be able to tune into Singapore’s first financial radio news station very soon.

Both morning and evening shows will be scheduled with analyses and interviews.

LOVE 972, YES 933, CAPITAL 958, CLASS 95, Warna 94.2FM, GOLD 905, 987 and Oli 96.8FM are listed as the top 10 radio stations in Singapore. CLASS 95 has a weekly listenership of 753,000 as the #3 radio station in Singapore.

According to The Nielsen Radio Diary Survey which measures radio stations’ performance in terms of Time Spent Listening (TSL), is an estimate of the amount of time an average listener spent with a station per week. Following are the outstanding performing radio stations in Singapore – LOVE 972 is the number one station in terms of Share at 14.5% while listeners on Warna 94.2FM spent the longest time with the station at 18 hours and 38 minutes, an increase of close to 2 hours.

The survey stated that CLASS 95 is still the most-listened-to English radio station with a listenership of 15.9%. 987 attained a listenership of 9%, an increase of 70,000 listeners.

Therefore, among the top Singapore radio stations; Money FM aims to capture a listenership of PMEB (professionals, managers, executives and businessmen) comprising largely listeners aged 35 and above, delivering real-time business insights to synchronized and unite its listeners in order to stay competitive. 

Money FM is also looking to feature BT journalists and news from The Straits Times. 

Besides their radios, listeners can also tune in via SPH Radio’s mobile app and on Web stream. Podcasts will be available on the station’s website and Facebook page after broadcast.

Media is currently facing ferocious competition and with economy downturn, SPH can take this opportunity to persist a big market share and sustain its influence over the possible audience of only 5.6 million people.