In the near future, Formica Asia, the leading provider of designed surfacing solutions, will inaugurate the relocation of its headquarters in Singapore. Founded in 1913 in Cincinnati, USA, the company has spread its wings over the century and established regional headquarters around the world. Jerome Michel, CEO of Formica Asia, declared that their company was ready to embark on a new journey with their soon-to-be implemented market expansion plan and strategic partnerships to strengthen customer engagements in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia.

The World Economic Forum has ranked Singapore as one of the most pro-business countries in the world, to the point that Singapore has been appointed as the headquarters of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Michel says that investing in Singapore is a great way to enter Southeast Asia due to its economic beauty.

The showroom will be equipped with several new features and functions, both online and offline. The Formica Singapore showroom will have a Room Visualizer, which enables clients to visualize their color choices on present scenes in order to get a better idea of how they might look.

Additionally, the showroom itself will serve as an art exhibition for visitors that features modern furniture, home improvements, and renovation materials among others, making it a temple of inspiration for interior designers and home & living enthusiasts. Visitors can also have a brainstorming session with Formica’s sales experts.

Formica launches three new products this year, and INCANTO, and is eager to market them in Asia.

The DecoMetal® SRM, an abbreviation for Scratch-Resistant Matt, is a high-end, ultra-matt surface with an anti-fingerprint finish and excellent scratch resistance. Made in Germany by Formica® subsidiary Homapal, this real metal décor allows planners and architects to use real metal surfaces on horizontal surfaces that are subject to heavy wear. With built-in lightfastness and scratch resistance, DecoMetal® SRM keeps its rich appearance for years to come.

The super-matt depth effect absorbs light and creates a grounding contrast to glamorous high-gloss or metallic elements while making the surfaces stain-resistant. DecoMetal® SRM’s impeccable durability makes it suitable for high-traffic areas and counter tops in exhibition-stand construction and shop fittings, such as hotels, restaurants, kitchens, bars, and offices. Its smooth finish also makes it easy to clean.


Aiming to engage and support customers and home and living enthusiasts alike, Formica Singapore will launch its own talk show called Home Sweet Talk. The talk show will have discussions revolving around building a better home for Singaporeans, giving tips and tricks about budget, space optimization, customization, and many more.

Initiative to support top medical professionals

Formica Singapore also announces that it will initiate a social charity movement through coffee for medical first responders called “Cup That Cares”. The plan is to send free coffee to medical first responders across Singapore to support them as they are the first line of defence in the pandemic. The Cup That Cares is also open to collaboration so that it can have a much bigger impact and serve a greater purpose.

Formica lives up to its ethos of “Makers of Change, One Surface at a Time” by always evolving and staying ahead of the curve since its inception in 1913. In this spirit, Formica Asia is poised to spread its innovations and be the premier brand in the surface coating industry in Southeast Asia.